The “Sogar" Tannery was founded by two brothers, Zbigniew Wiśnicki and Witold Wiśnicki, who based on the knowledge gained while studying at the Faculty of Tanning Technology at the Lodz University of Technology and through the experience obtained at work in the state tannery, organised in 1980 a craftsman’s workshop tanning sheep skin leather and furskins, and then cow leather intended for footwear.

At that time of the market economy (communism), when the whole skins constituted a privilege of large state-owned tanneries, private craftsmen could only count on cattle heads. Purchase of chemical products or a tannery machine required a huge effort, and the binding dividers and limits effectively prevented the company’s development on a large scale. Despite all the obstacles, the aspirations of the company’s owners were not satisfied, as the Wiśnicki brothers counting on a change in the economic situation had already prepared a vision of the long-term company’s development. Investments undertaken by the company have always constituted a step forward, and have been adapted not only to the actual needs, but also to the ones that were about to come.

In the 90s, when the free-market economy dawned, the Sogar Tannery developed its manufacturing technology on an industrial scale. Within a relatively short period of time it has made great organisational, as well as technological effort. Unprecedented curiosity and scrupulousness of the company owners in search of the best machinery and equipment, as well as available techniques enabled to avoid unsuccessful investments.

For many years the technical and technological level of the plant allows for classification of our Company among the leading tanneries in Poland, and made our tannery equivalent to the most of the foreign tanneries. The machinery park is continuously enriched by the most recent, innovative technological solutions, the manufacturing standards are improved and the company is expanding. In 2015 we erected the most recent hall with a surface of ca. 1800m2. We also have a chemical wastewater treatment plant, constructed in accordance with the advanced Italian technology and waste management system pursuant to all legal regulations.
We specialise in manufacturing of cow leather and cow splits leather intended for women’s, men’s and children’s footwear. Nevertheless our leather also arouses interest among the manufacturers of leather goods. We have also manufactured waterproof leather for the army, obtaining a certificate of conformity issued by the Wojskowy Ośrodek Badawczo Wdrożeniowy Służb Mundurowych (Military Research & Development Centre for Uniformed Services). We have full capabilities in terms of machinery and technological facilities for manufacturing of leather for automotive industry, both based on wet-blue, as well as wet-white.

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